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The best way to financially support QField is by subscribing to one of the monthly sponsorships. By doing so, you help get freshly baked QField versions straight to everyone's devices.


You can be part of an exciting opportunity for something truly impactful! We believe that positive change starts with a collective effort, and we are inviting you to join us on this inspiring journey. To turn this vision into reality, we need your support through crowdfunding. Your contribution plays a crucial role in reaching the funding goal and making QField even better.

Si prega di visitare la nostra pagina di raccolta fondi.

Sponsorizzare funzionalità

Probabilmente hai molte idee per interessanti funzionalità che non sono ancora state implementate. Contattaci per discutere il miglior approccio per integrare questa idea in QField o creare la tua app personalizzata.

Contribute your time

Your expertise and dedication can significantly impact the development and improvement of QField. Join our vibrant community and contribute your time to help us create the best fieldwork app possible. Please visit our Contribute page.


QField, QFieldCloud and QFieldSync are developed by does consulting, development, training and support for open source software including QField and QGIS.