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QField allows to search in layers, into a value list and to go to coordinates with the search tool.

Configure search in QGIS

Desktop Vorbereitung

  1. Choose the layers which are searchable in Project > Project Properties > Identify Layers
  2. Define the display expression for the concerned layers, this will be used for searching for features. This is configured under Vector Layer Properties > Display



Tap on the Search button on the top-right corner of the screen to search for features in the current project.

  1. Tap on the name in the result to pan the map on the feature (the feature will be highlighted in yellow).
  2. Tap on the attributes button to open its attributes.

GoTo Coordinate

It is possible to go to coordinates with the search tool.

Tap on the coordinates in the result to go to the coordinates. It is always possible to search WGS84 coordinates (longitude, latitude) or current map CRS (x,y).

Search in value relation and relation reference widget

It is possible to search value in a value relation or relation reference widget using the magnifying glass next to the field.


In the value relation widget you even can use the "completer" functionality. You have to activate it in the widget settings.

Search in layers

You can search for features in vector layers. The search is currently performing the same as the all layers locator filter in QGIS (accessible in QGIS locator bar using af prefix).