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Interagiere mit der Karte

Here are some of the possible interactions with the map in QField.

Karten Legende


Open the Main menu and expand the layers list to display the legend of the map.

On double-tap or long-press on a layer, you get offered the following possibilities.

  • Show on map to control visibility.
  • Show labels to control the visibility of the labels.
  • Expand legend item to show/hide the layer's sub-items.
  • Zoom to layer to have all the layer items on the map.
  • Reload data to get the current data of a layer with remote sources.
  • Show feature list to show all the layer's features in the identification list.

Objekte identifizieren


Tap on a feature on the map to identify it. If several features are located where you tapped (either because there are multiple features really close one to another, or because several layers are overlapping), they will all be listed in the menu that opens on the right of the screen.

Tap on one of the listed features to access its attributes.

  1. Tap the arrows to scroll through all the identified features.
  2. Tap the centre button to centre the map on the selected feature.
  3. Tap the edit button to edit the attributes of the selected feature.
  4. Scroll through the sub-menus to access all the attributes.

Select identified features

With long-press, you can toggle the feature selection.

When features are selected, you can perform the actions in the three-dot menu on the top right.

Nichtidentifizierbare Ebenen

Often it is not required to be able to query every layer. Some layers are only present as basemap, and their attributes are not of interest.

You can manage this layer list in QGIS desktop in Project > Project Properties > Identify Layers and uncheck the base layers.