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Hiding legend nodes

It is possible to configure your QGIS projet to allow hiding legend nodes

Configure hidden nodes

Desktop preparation

First, you should verify if the plugin Invisible layers and groups is installed. If you don't have it installed, you can do it going to Plugins > Manage and install plugins > find Invisible layers and groups > click in install plugin.

When you finish the installation of the plugin, you will see in the QGIS interface this buttons:

Once the installation process is finished, it is possible to start hiding the nodes of the legend of our project.

  1. Choose the layers or groups that you want to hide.
  2. When you finish the layer/group selection, click Make selected layers and groups invisible. You will notice the selected layers and groups have disappear from the layers panel. They are still available in the project for visualization and joins, though.
  3. Save your project, you can use the section QFieldSync plugin to save your project, or save your geopackage and project in the same folder.
  4. Copy the files generated in your device.
  5. Open QField in your device, and you will see the configuration of hidden legend nodes.


If you want to see the hidden layers/groups again, click on show invisible layers and groups.