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Shared local datasets

It is possible to use a layer which is stored outside the project folder.

This is useful if a basemap is used in more than one project, for example a large orthophoto. In this case, you can share this dataset among different projects. Also large vector data files that are not modified can be shared that way. The features and their attributes remain identifiable.

Add a layer outside of exported project folder

Desktop preparation

In QGIS, open Options > Data Sources > Localized Data Paths. In there, add the path to the external data.

Data Sources
Data Sources

To use layers from localized data paths on your device, add the datasets to the folder <drive>:/Android/data/ch.opengis.qfield/files/QField/basemaps.


Since QField 2 the basemaps files needs to be stored in the app directory <drive>:/Android/data/ch.opengis.qfield/files/QField/basemaps instead of the devices main directory <drive>:/QField/basemaps.