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QField General settings

The general settings screen allows you to control basic appearance and behavior of the app.

You can change what you want or not be able to search from the search bar.

  • Features from active layer

Returns a list of features from the active layer with matching attributes. Restricting matching to a single attribute is done by identifying its name with an @.

When disabled, this locator filter can still be used by typing the prefix f in the search bar.

Check the box "Enable Features from active layers locator by default".

  • Features in all layers

Returns a list of features across all searchable layers with matching display name.

Check the box "Enable Go to coordinate locator by default".

  • Spatial bookmarks

Returns a list of user and currently open project bookmarks with matching names.

Check the box "Enable Spatial bookmarks locator by default".

  • Calculator

Returns a list of locations and addresses within Finland with matching terms.

When disabled, this locator filter can still be used by typing the prefix fia in the search bar.

Check the box "Enable Calculator locator by default".

  • Finnish address search

Returns the value of an expression typed in the search bar.

Check the box "Enable Finnish address search locator by default".

Show scale bar

By switching on "Show scale bar" it will show the scale bar on the map.

Maximized attribute form

By switching on "Maximized attribute form" it will maximize the attribute form.

Fixed scale navigation

When fixed scale navigation is active, focusing on a search result will pan to the feature. With fixed scale navigation disabled, it will pan and zoom to feature.

Show digitizing information

When switched on, coordinate information, such as latitude and longitude, is overlayed onto the map while digitizing new features or usting measure tool.

Show bookmarks

When switched on, user's saved and currently opened project bookmarks will be displayed on the map.

Use native camera

If disabled, QField will use a minimalist internal camera instead of the camera app on the device. Tip: Enable this option and install the open camera app to create geo tagged photos.

Fast editing mode

If enabled, the feature is stored after having a valid geometry and the constraints are fulfilled and attributes are committed immediately.

Use volume keys to digitize

If enabled, pressing the device's volume up key will add a vertex while pressing volume down key will remove the last entered vertex during digitizing sessions.

Consider mouse as a touchscreen device

If disabled, the mouse will act as a stylus pen.

Send anonymized metrics

If enabled, anonymized metrics will be collected and sent to help improve QFiled for everyone.

Dim screen when idling

Time of inactivity in seconds before the screen brightness get to be dimmed to preserve the battery. Set to 0 to disable dim screen.

User interface appearance

You can choose from three options:

  • Follow system appearance
  • Light theme
  • Dark theme

User interface font size

You can choose from the following options:

  • Tiny
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Extra-large

User interface language

QField will by default utilize the language present on your device, if a translation is available. You are cordially invited to enhance the translation in your native language.

Translate the app;

You can also pick a different language from the drop-down menu.

Map canvas rendering quality

You can choose from three options:

  • Best quality
  • Lower quality
  • Lowest quality

A lower quality trades rendering precision in favor of lower memory usage and rendering time.