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Get started with QField and QFieldCloud



QField can be used with any version newer than Android 5, if you are looking to get a new device, we suggest going for at least Android 9.


QField can be found on the Appstore.


Download the latest Windows version (x64 64-bit).

Download the latest Linux version (x64 64-bit).

Download the latest MacOS x64 version or MacOS ARM version.

QField allows you to efficiently work on your GIS data outdoor.

QField's optimized user interface hides the full power of QGIS under the hood.


Seamlessly integrate your team's field work, QFieldCloud's unique technology allows your team to focus on what's important, making sure you efficiently get the best field data possible.

Thanks to the tight integration with QField, your team will be able to start surveying and digitising data in no time.

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