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Basic concepts


To interact with QFieldCloud you need a registered user. Each user can create, modify and delete projects and organizations.


Projects are the main data container within QFieldCloud. Each user can create one or more QFieldCloud projects. Each project contains a single .qgs/.qgz QGIS project file, the geospatial files - GeoPackages, Shapefiles, TIFs, and additional data such as photos, PDFs etc. All project data files must be within a single QFieldCloud project.

Project collaborators

A project collaborator is another QFieldCloud user invited to contribute to a project. One project may have multiple collaborators. Collaborators with role owner or admin can add more users as collaborators. If the project is owned by an organization, you can also add teams as collaborators. Read more about collaborator roles.


Organizations are shared accounts multiple QFieldCloud users can collaborate across many projects at once. Owners and administrators can manage member access to the organization's projects and projects with sophisticated security and administrative features. Any QFieldCloud user can own or participate in one or more organizations. Each organization owns one or more projects.

Organization members

Organization membership allows access to projects within an organization. Members with owner or admin role can add other members.

Organization teams

Teams allow organization members with owner or admin role to easily assign permissions to multiple users at once. A team consists of one or more organization members within the organization. When a team is assigned a role in a project, all the team members automatically have that role too. Teams can be added as collaborators only to projects owned by the same organization. One organization member can be part of multiple teams. If an organization member is a project collaborator directly or trough multiple teams, that organization member has the highest possible role.