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Map themes

The beautiful thing about GIS is that maps are dynamic. Layers can individually be shown and hidden and information can be presented more or less prominently based on the task at hand.

This is what Map themes are for.

Criando um Tema de Mapa

Desktop preparation

Criar um Tema de Mapa no QGIS é uma tarefa muito simples.

Map Theme Configuration
Map Theme Configuration

  1. Defina o estilo do mapa e camadas com base nos seus requisitos.
  2. Guarde-o como Tema de Mapa
  3. Carregar projeto no dispositivo e mudar o Tema de Mapa ativo

Alterar o Tema do Mapa activo


If you defined map themes for your project in QGIS, you can switch between them from the Dashboard. Use the Map themes combobox to chose the active theme.

Change Map Theme
Change Map Theme

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